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Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Tue Feb 8 18:42:24 EST 2005

> Ad-Aware usually finds a long list of "date miner" cookies 
> and deletes them, but nearly all are rated as "low risk."  I 
> usually run it about once a week.

The real problem isn't cookies, which are mostly a nuisance.  It's easy
enough to delete those manually.  It's trojan processes which can do the
real damage, along with some bad things that can be done to you in Java
Script (so much so, that I'd like to just turn it off, but some websites I
frequent regularly are based on it).

I've used both Spybot and Ad-Aware in the past.  Based on several product
reviews/comparisons, I've switched to Webroot Spy Sweeper, which is a
subscription-based thingy, but so far has been very effective.  It monitors
things like adds to the startup folder or startup registry, attempts to
change your homepage or add (unsavory) entries to your "favorites", etc. in
real time, and has caught a couple of unexpected baddies from some unnamed
websites I've hit "accidentally".  

Unfortunately, no one of these protection mechanisms is perfect, and the bad
guys keep getting smarter ...


> Don K4KYV
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