[AMRadio] Bad Static Problem

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 10 18:09:47 EST 2005

>I was going up and down streets power pole to power pole on my bicycle with
>a AM Walkman radio tuned to 540 and 1700 Khz.

I use a Radio Shack aircraft receiver.  About the size of a HT, and makes a 
nice line noise sniffer.  The bicycly is a good idea also, since every 
vehicle we have here, new and old,  swamps out the entire spectrum with 
ignition noise.  I have gone noise sniffing in the car, picking up momentum 
and then cutting off the engine and pushing in the clutch and coasted until 
the car nearly stopped, then turned back on the ignition and popped t he 
clutch to restart the engine to regain momentum and start the  process all 
over again.  Other drivers on the road seemed to assume I was having car 
trouble and would ask if I needed help.


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