[AMRadio] Meter Needed

Bob Maser bmaser at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Feb 14 17:11:24 EST 2005

I called Simpson today and after sending them a picture of my broken meter 
they agree that it is a Model 27.  Seems that Simpson doesn't follow 
form,fit and function rules because their current Model 27 is not like mine. 
Mine has the vertical stripes down the center on the lower half of the 
meter. Theirs has fewer stripes down the center but also has vertical 
stripes on both the lower left and right corners.  And glass cutout on mine 
is different from theirs.  I guess I'll use the one that Chris NGW found for 
me at Orlando this weekend.

BTW, Simpson told me that they no longer make RF Ammeters, I assume he meant 
the Model 27 only.  The guy that helped me was a great guy.....until I asked 
for a freebie meter body, then he referred me to one of their 


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