[AMRadio] Open Reel Tape -- Production resumes ?

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 15 12:40:59 EST 2005

Some of us who cherish the sound (and look) of our
open reel machines are heartened by this news from one
of the sellers of open-reel tape.

(you will recall late in 2004 Quategy, which descended
from Ampex,  shut down its manufacturing plant.
Workers were given little notice, but news accounts at
the time cited declining markets for tape storage.)


UPDATE Feb 14, 2005: The tape is rolling in and we're
painfully and
slowly starting to fill our shelves. (We even have
1/4" GP9 and 457 on
reels now.) Quantegy has re-instated full audio
production again.
Also, there definitely will be new studio quality open
reel audio tape
made here in Pennsylvania with the first tape being
available probably
in late May 2005 if not sooner. As soon as we have
this tape available
to you, it'll be posted on this web site. They're
going to be making
very good tape for almost everyone in the studio
through broadcast,
government, and even the home recordist. We feel
everything from the
new tape boxes through the sound and slitting of the
tape is going to
have a "classic" touch to it.

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