[AMRadio] Open Reel Tape -- Production resumes ?

Powell E. Way III powell at conterra.com
Tue Feb 15 19:33:39 EST 2005

>Some of us who cherish the sound (and look) of our 
>open reel machines are heartened by this news from one 
>of the sellers of open-reel tape. 


>(you will recall late in 2004 Quategy, which descended 
>from Ampex,  shut down its manufacturing plant. 
>Workers were given little notice, but news accounts at 
>the time cited declining markets for tape storage.) 

They lost a major contract and shut down to reorganize. I'm 
glad they are back. I wonder if they are going to make any tape 
with no back side stuff on it. That's where the tape problems 
start and end. 

It is interesting that Quantegy also had purchased the Scotch 
line, but you don't see any of THAT tape in production.... 

I have some boxes of "NEW" Ampex that's their equivalent of 
Scotch 111.  I have some NOS boxes of Scotch 203, my favorite 
of the time. A lot of Revox recorders bias PERFECTLY for this 



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