[AMRadio] B&W850A

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Fri Feb 18 14:18:43 EST 2005

Hi Ronnie,

I repaired one awhile back. I glued on some new plastic strips with 2 
part epoxy and it held fine. Leave the old strips on as much as you can 
to hold the coil together and place the new strips over the old. Peal 
off the loose stuff. If there is enough of the old that is in place but 
a little loose just epoxy it back in place.

Yes there was another coil that they made with all tubing. It was for 
lower plate impedance tubes like a 4cx1000. The one with part tubing and 
part wire is for higher impedance tubes. I can't remember the part 
number of the other one.

Gary  K4FMX

ronnie.hull wrote:
> I have just become the proud father of a nearly mint b&w850A. From storage 
> however, the plastic strips that support the front of the inductor, have 
> warped somewhat. Any suggestions about fixing this, from those of you who 
> have faced this same problem, would be greatly appreciated.
> On the subject of B&W Inductors, am I crazy, or, wasn't there a 
> inductor/switch set that was similiar to the 850A but was solid tubing?
> cornfuzzed minds want to know :)
> 73's
> Ronnie - W5SUM
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