[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Sat Feb 19 06:29:47 EST 2005

a recent qso about novice days, stimulated my interest and I got out my old 
log books. My very first cq qso was on november 24, 1969, with WN8AAD, George 
in Hamden Ohio, on 7.160mhz, at 22:45    I wonder whatever happened to ole 

Anyway, I was running an Eico 720 and a Drake 2B with a dipole of course!

I staid on 40 until the spring of 1970 when I discovered 15 and 10 meters. 
Suddenly, my lowly 50 watts of output was working the entire world. The 
Acquistion of a TA-33Jr and a rotator and 50' of heigth, really opened up the 
airwaves. Man, those were fun days.

73's de W5SUM


"Be sure your right, then go ahead"  D.Crockett

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