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Wow what a treat is has been reading all the reports, Ok here is mine.

Sept 27th, 1958, arrive home from school, play with the dog, stack my books in the bedroom and see an envelope from the FCC and Mr. CB Plummer authorzing me as a new novice, call sign WV6CZH.

After dinner and homework that night my nervous shaking hands pounded out my first CQ on my newly built DX-20 (which sets in my office today) on 40 CW and KL7AIZ in Adak answred me.  I was so scarred it took him several times sending his call before I got it.

The next Saturday found me on 15 CW where I worked my first Russian and Europeans, wow what a thrill.  That old BC-348 receiver sounded great and it also has a place of honor in my office.

The hobby became an obsession and set the path for my life, career and travels.  Whatever the business becomes will always be a result of my beginings in Ham Radio.

I share the story with anyone visiting our offices.

Thanks for the Bandwidth

Ron  W6OM

Founder & CEO   www.vipernetworks.com

PS: I still fire up those old boat anchors weekly and cruise around 40 CW.
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> Bob Macklin wrote:
> > <>In 1969 the 40M Novice segment was 7150 - 7200. In 1986 it was 7100 
> > - 7150.
> >
> > Bob Macklin
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> > Seattle, Wa.
> Before that.  I got my ticket in Feb of 1984, and it was 7100 to 7200kcs
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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