[AMRadio] tubes needed

yves feder yafeder37 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 23 15:34:56 EST 2005

I may have some 6K7's Ronnie - let me go look and I'll check back later - I 
may not have a glass one, but I'll look. Will you take metal if you can't 
get any glass?

no charge, OM - glad to help out:)


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Subject: [AMRadio] tubes needed

> Gentlemen
> I am in need of the following tubes. Glass is preferable over metal tubes, 
> in
> keeping with the original style of tubes that were in this old console 
> readio
> I'm reworking.
> 6F6
> 6A8
> 6K7
> if anyone has these spare and would part with them, please let me know 
> what
> you would take for them.
> thanks
> Ronnie
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