[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

Geoff w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Feb 23 16:33:24 EST 2005

Gary Schafer wrote:

> Geoff wrote:
>> Bill Connelly wrote:
>>> Thank you!
>>> Bill, W3MJ
>>> At 12:09 PM 2/23/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>>>> Bob Macklin wrote:
>>>>> <>In 1969 the 40M Novice segment was 7150 - 7200. In 1986 it was 
>>>>> 7100 - 7150.
>>>>> Bob Macklin
>>>>> K5MYJ/7
>>>>> Seattle, Wa.
>>>> Before that.  I got my ticket in Feb of 1984, and it was 7100 to 
>>>> 7200kcs
>> Hold off on the thanks...  after I read and re-read that, something 
>> didn't look correct...
>> Let me try again, with these statements that I know (to the best of 
>> -my- current education)
>> to be fact...
>> I do not ever, at anytime, remember the Novice CW sub-band of 40m , 
>> being more than 50kc wide.
>> I've always known the Novice CW sub-band of 40m to be from 7100 to 
>> 7150kc.
>> There.  That's what Ive been -meaning- to say and/or stick with.
>> I, personally, don't ever remember the Novice band on 40m being as 
>> high as 7200kc
>> -- 
>> 73 = Best Regards,
>> -Geoff/W5OMR
> Geoff,
> I think you are right about it being only 50kc wide. I don't know when 
> they changed but in the early 60's it was from 7150 to 7200. My one 
> and only crystal then was 7175 kc. You young kids probably don't 
> remember that. :>)   

Of course, there are some rigs and receivers (I'm thinking Heathkit) 
that had on a glass drum the 'fone segments in a heavy(ier) black  line, 
and 7.2 to 7.3Mc were bold'ed.  It couldn't have been long (relativly 
speaking) from when Phone operation was permitted on 40m.  The only 
"Class A" bands were 80, 20 and 10m then. 11m was there (don't remember 
a lot about it, other than it was a ham band at one time, and probably 
the best DX band hams had) and this was before 15m.

Interesting discussion.  I wonder if anyone has a time-line on when the 
major changes in Ham Radio took place, in regards to rules/operating 
privledges took place?

40m was a CW only band after WWII until the 50's.  75w DC Input was the 
Novice power limit.  1kW DC Input (which is MUCH easier to measure than 
PEP but that's another whole thread in/of itself ;->) for Generals and 
above, regardless of mode.

I've visited a few SSB'er hamshacks lately and some (not all) are 
running amps that are (according to the supposed 'peak-reading' 
wattmeters) running 2kW PLUS in output power.  (Not that it *bothers* 
me, just an observation).

I wonder if this is something that's being done all over, or just a 
'specific group' of guys who are running the illegal limit?

C'mon, man... a pair of 3CX800A7's?  That's 1600w of dissapation, 
fer-cryin'out-loud!  The right voltage on the plates would make 'em sing 
to -at least- 2kW pep output.  And some of these dual 4-1000 homebrew 
amps I hear on the air?  Isn't it the Alpha 8877 amp that runs 2 (not 
one, but *TWO*) 8877's in the output, EACH with a plate dissapation 
rating of 1,500w?


It's nice to remember the old days.  And, yes. the times, they are 
a'changing.   It's just that I just don't necessarily think some of us 
hams are changing in a good/positive way. 

The Law is Always The Law.  It doesn't bend because you run a different 
The LEGAL output limit is 1500w PEP.

73 = Best Regards,

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