[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 23 19:59:09 EST 2005

>I've visited a few SSB'er hamshacks lately and some (not all) are running 
>amps that are (according to the supposed 'peak-reading' wattmeters) running 
>2kW PLUS in output power.

When the FCC changed the power limit,  they eliminated the requirement that 
used to be in the amateur rules to have on hand accurate instruments for 
measuring power, saying modern-day amateurs could use means other than 
"accurate measurement" to determine whether or not they were in compliance.

Has anyone ever figured out what they were talking about, other than that 
this was "spin" to fend off arguments that p.e.p. output power is too 
difficult for the average amateur to be capable of measuring with any kind 
of certainty?


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