[AMRadio] ART 13 Transmitter

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Wed Feb 23 20:02:06 EST 2005


I have been using an ART13 with the Drake AC power supply for the intended

Give a shout here at 813-837-2324 or 440-570-1762.

Or a QSO on 20m SSB



--- w6om at cox.net wrote:

> Finally dug into all three ART 13's and ready to combine the best of two into
> one really nice AM transmitter and sell the third one.   Before I heat up the
> soldering iron, tube tester and VTVM I wonder if anyone has experiance using
> commerical or amateur power supplies with one of these beauties to save in
> home brewing one.
> Thanks
> Ron Weaver - W6OM - FO5VO
> www.qsl.net/w6om
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