[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

Robert M. Bratcher Jr. bratcher at pdq.net
Wed Feb 23 20:16:09 EST 2005

At 03:33 PM 2/23/2005, Geoff wrote:
>Gary Schafer wrote:
>I've visited a few SSB'er hamshacks lately and some (not all) are running 
>amps that are (according to the supposed 'peak-reading' wattmeters) 
>running 2kW PLUS in output power.  (Not that it *bothers* me, just an 
>I wonder if this is something that's being done all over, or just a 
>'specific group' of guys who are running the illegal limit?
>C'mon, man... a pair of 3CX800A7's?  That's 1600w of dissapation, 
>fer-cryin'out-loud!  The right voltage on the plates would make 'em sing 
>to -at least- 2kW pep output.  And some of these dual 4-1000 homebrew amps 
>I hear on the air?  Isn't it the Alpha 8877 amp that runs 2 (not one, but 
>*TWO*) 8877's in the output, EACH with a plate dissapation rating of 1,500w?
>It's nice to remember the old days.  And, yes. the times, they are 
>a'changing.   It's just that I just don't necessarily think some of us 
>hams are changing in a good/positive way.
>The Law is Always The Law.  It doesn't bend because you run a different 
>mode. The LEGAL output limit is 1500w PEP.
>73 = Best Regards,

Anybody know where I could find a schematic for these amplifiers?
Whats the best way to build a 1kw (capable) modulation transformer to plate 
modulate an amp like these? Not that I'd want to. Just asking... 

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