[AMRadio] Want some real fun??

Joe Crawford crawfish at surfmore.net
Wed Feb 23 21:21:31 EST 2005

A friend of mine who was active during the "gooneybox" era on 6 and 2m said 
that if you had a real strong signal into someone's receiver, it would cause 
the tuning eye tube to go dark. The predecessor of "S meters". If you were 
real strong, the receiving station would say," You're closing the eye over 
here". Kind of like S9 plus a bunch.
                                    Joe W4AAB 

Rivpapa1 at aol.com writes: 

> I really enjoy the old Daze stories,we all got one..For a real hoot with your 
> old reciever,build up a green "Magic Eye" tube circuit for the AVC line and 
> watch it "Wink" open and close as you tune the signals.. It really Glows Green  
> in the dark..Have fun ....Ron W6MAU
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