[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

Don Schichler schich at frontiernet.net
Wed Feb 23 23:56:07 EST 2005

Joe - I just dug out my musty old 1973 ARRL Handbook, and on page 14 it
shows the Novice band on 7100 to 7150.  So that narrows it down to either
late '72 or '73 that it was changed.  Seems like it was later than that, but
time flies - hi hi!  It's fun to do a little amateur radio research now and

Don K2FY

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> In 1972 the 40m Novice band was 7150-7200. I know because I was there.
> to 1970 ARRL Handbook page 14 at the left bottom of the page. Seems like
> change was made in late 1972 or a little later.
>                               Joe W4AAB (ex-WN4AUX 1972-73)

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