[AMRadio] Old Novice Days

Joe Crawford crawfish at surfmore.net
Thu Feb 24 19:23:49 EST 2005

Did more research. The date was November 15th, 1972. The FCC changed the 40m 
Novice band,they authorized the use of VFO's by Novices, and Novices got 
28.1-28.2 CW. I remember borrowing a VF-1 to go on the borrowed HW-16 as the 
40m crystals I had were useless.Had a note in my logbook about changes. Lots 
of changes over the years, but that was the most at one time.
                                         Joe W4AAB 

Don Schichler writes: 

> Joe - I just dug out my musty old 1973 ARRL Handbook, and on page 14 it
> shows the Novice band on 7100 to 7150.  So that narrows it down to either
> late '72 or '73 that it was changed.  Seems like it was later than that, but
> time flies - hi hi!  It's fun to do a little amateur radio research now and
> then. 
> Don K2FY 
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>> In 1972 the 40m Novice band was 7150-7200. I know because I was there.
> Refer
>> to 1970 ARRL Handbook page 14 at the left bottom of the page. Seems like
> the
>> change was made in late 1972 or a little later.
>>                               Joe W4AAB (ex-WN4AUX 1972-73)
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