[AMRadio] Early version Johnson Ranger I

Frank W7ND at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 1 02:19:46 EST 2005

Happy New year to all.

I am in the process of restoring a Johnson Ranger I.  I obtained part of the
manual and a schematic.  That's when I noticed that two of the tubes were
"missing."  The tubes are the 6AL5 bias tube and the 12AU7 keyer tube.

My mystery was solved when I learned that the earliest version of the
Johnson Ranger I used cathode keying and omitted the circuits around the
6AL5 and the 12AU7.  I have since downloaded the schematic for this early
version Ranger from the bama web site.

I would like to obtain a manual for this early version of the Ranger.  I
have written W7FG to see if he has them available.  So far, no answer.

So can anybody help me out?  Obviously I'd be happy to pay for the copying,
postage and the trouble.

A second question is whether I should refit this old Ranger to bring it up
to the later version standard.  Makes sense from an operational standpoint,
but what's the feeling about keeping this Ranger preserved as the early

Thanks and 73,
Frank, W7ND

P.S.  The serial # on my Ranger I is 622.

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