[AMRadio] Strange interference

Vince Wesa Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Sat Jan 1 02:04:42 EST 2005


I do think this might be the same type of noise that I get from a new VCR that 
my wife (n1yux) picked up a while back, that fool thing makes some serious 

Kinda,,, sorta like this problem you have....  I did make a full report about 
my situation to '1RFI at the lab but that was within a week of when the VCR 
came into the house....  I tried everything reasonable to clean up the RFI 
but ended up connecting it to a power strip with an on/off switch to kill the 
power when it is not in use... that was the only way I could deal with it 
without going to extremes...

Time to break out you 'el-cheapo' portable AM radio and do a 'search and 
destroy' mission... <grin>  

Whatever it might be, please let us know OK, OM?

Hey... you and yours have a happy new year!

On Saturday 01 January 2005 12:42 am, Donald Chester wrote:
> I first noticed this 24/7 interference a couple of months ago.

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