[AMRadio] Strange interference

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Sat Jan 1 11:08:56 EST 2005

Virtually all  powered equipment designed for cardiovascular workouts is 
loaded with electric circuitry. There are memory circuits for user entered workout 
regimines, factory installed memories for the same thing, motor speed 
controls, digital readouts, built in heart rate and television monoitors and just 
about anything else one can imagine, even fans. Many of the self powered units 
such as exercise bikes have gel- cell powered circuits and built in user powered 
battery chargers. Let's face it folks, noise generators are everywhere. 

The other day, I bought some FLEXAMIN, a joint easing OTC compound, at the 
drug store. It was on sale so I didn't need it immediately.  I put the bag on my 
dresser and forgot about it.  That night when I turned out the lights, I 
noticed something flashing red coming from the direction of my dresser.  I turned 
on the light and the only thing there that was new was that bag with the pills 
in it.  I opened the bag and discovered a flashing LED built into the box to 
attract consumer attention in the store.  I hadn't noticed it in the store 
since the shelf with the display was facing a sunlit window.  Now it is a week 
later and the stupid box is still flashing!  What next??? It's gonna get us, 
folks, Beware!

73 and happy New Year to all.

John,  W4AWM

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