[AMRadio] You Won't Believe This

John Coleman, ARS WA5BXO wa5bxo at pctechref.com
Sun Jan 2 18:45:30 EST 2005

	What your speaking of Don is shown in the following article.

	This article was started some time ago, for what reason I don't
remember.  I never had the chance to spend a lot of time with it so it
probably has a lot of mistakes.  If anyone wishes to help with the
editing or add on something else please do so, mail it to me, and I will
of course put your name on it.

Another one, on SWR, I found that I forgot about is at


I think "BACON" had some input on this one but I'm sorry Bacon I can't
remember for sure.  It's another one that probably needs some help.

John, WA5BXO 

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>If you measure current from the filament transformer center tap to
>you'll have not only cathode current, but plate current, as well.  Just

>over at the grid current meter, subtract that from the plate meter, and

>your plate current, AND it's in a nearly ground potential position in
>series circuit.

Return the grid leak resistor and/or PA bias supply to filament xfmr ct.

instead of to ground, and your meter will read true plate current.  If
it is 
a screen grid tube, return the negative lead of the screen supply to 
filament ct. as well.

Don k4kyv

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