[AMRadio] WTB: Millen 90801 Exciter

Alan Cohen acohen at texas.net
Mon Jan 3 05:16:31 EST 2005

Actually, I believe that the circuit for the Millen 90801 exciter is, 
in fact, in the December, 1952 issue of QST.  The reason that you 
didn't find it, is because the the circuit is used in a complete novice 
transmitter project by George Grammer called, "75 Watts with an Economy 
Power Supply."  This transmitter is one of the earliest applications of 
the then brand new RCA 6146 to appear in QST.  It features plug-in 
coils with a link coupled output and inductive neutralization.  In the 
Millen exciter they use a band switching arrangement but the circuit is 
electrically the same.  Perhaps someone else on the list can confirm 

About five years ago I was fortunate enough to acquire a very well 
executed version of the transmitter described in the QST article.  I 
built a web page describing it here: 

Interestingly, I have since added a couple of other George Grammer 
designs to my collection.  When I have the time I'll snap some pictures 
and add them to the page.


On Jan 2, 2005, at 7:36 PM, WD5JWY wrote:

> Gentlemen:
> I'm looking for a Millen 90801 HF Exciter in reasonable condition.  I 
> would
> prefer one that is in operating condition, however I would consider 
> offers
> on units in any shape.
> Also, if anyone has detailed technical drawings or high-quality digital
> photos of the 90801, I would appreciate the information.  Since these 
> units
> are so rare, I'm thinking of attempting to duplicate the unit as 
> closely as
> possible, but I would need the above technical data to do so.  This 
> unit was
> supposedly described in the December 1952 issue of QST, however I 
> cannot
> find it in that issue.
> I'm also interested in the following units as well:
> Millen 90831 40W Modulator
> Millen 90281 HV Power Supply
> 73
> de, WD5JWY
> Dennis Pharr
> Oklahoma City
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