[AMRadio] time mag blasts hams

fkamp at comcast.net fkamp at comcast.net
Mon Jan 3 09:47:16 EST 2005

k0ng at inebraska.com wrote:
> I am not embarrased but otherwise, I resemble that remark. If the shoe fits!
> K0NG .

Much too much has been made of the unkind comments by Time magazine.  A
media in decline evidently feels that 'Jerry Springer' tactics will ease
its slide to oblivion.

I am surprized at the amount of displeasure voiced by all over the
unkind remarks.  Over-reaction to such remarks makes others wonder if
the accusations may have credibility.  It makes some of us appear as
though we are unnecessarily uncomfortable in the practice of our hobby.

K0NG. Now there is a call that has some unique possibilities for clever
QSL card design.  I propose the following with the utmost of respect.

Picture a beam mounted on a tower, the tower mounted on top the Empire
State building.  A large gorilla is perched at the base of the tower
with mike in one hand and J-38 key in the other.  Lightning bolts coming
off the beam.

Talk about a memorable card.  I guarantee that the call K0NG would be
long remembered.

Frank Kamp

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