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ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Mon Jan 3 12:35:16 EST 2005

Hi Al, 

With QRP AM, it's not so much a matter of what frquency, but band 
conditions. You are unlikely to have much luck, for example, after dark on 
75M or after early afternoon on 40M. But during mornings on 40M, or daylight 
hours on 75M, you should be able to make many enjoyable contacts with your 
DX-60. Don't worry about being "ridiculed;" anyone doing that isn't worth 
worrying about anyway. But it would be considered a bit inconsiderate to 
make others try to pull you through the mud when conditions are not 
conducive to low-power operation. Anywhere in the fone bands is fair game, 
but you are most likely to find other AMers to talk to in the so-called "AM 
windows" (let's not start another thread on this, though!). Look between 860 
 - 3890 on 75M and 7285 - 7295 on 40M. There is also often AM activity on 
3825 and 3837. The AWA AM net meets Sundays at 4:30PM EST on 3837 - please 
join us. 

A bunch of us on the east coast (myself included) have built and regularly 
operate AM transmitters in the 1-10W output class. 


Schichler, Alfred writes: 

> I was wondering if there are any nets, or just parts of the 75 or 40 meter
> bands where I could find anyone on low power AM, preferably
> controlled-carrier, screen-grid modulation. 
> I recently got a DX-40 / HQ-100 AM Station on the air, for nostalgic
> purposes, but it seems like the only AM stations I usually hear are ones
> with high-power, high-quality plate modulated AM, and I don't want my puny
> signal to be just lost in the crowd or ridiculed. (Not that that would
> necessarily happen, but it seems like a possibility). I haven't listened at
> all hours of the day or anything, but I haven't found what I'm looking for. 
> I would appreciate any info on this subject. 
> Al, NE2D
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