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Mon Jan 3 19:47:27 EST 2005


How do you get on the mailing list for remote operation?

Gary  K4FMX

Geoff wrote:
> I get mail from Keith LaMonica, because I'm interested in the remote HF 
> radio operation.
> He's got a mailing list, dedicated to just that.
> This was in that list.
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
> -------------------------------
> To TIME recipients:
> An article in your TIME magazine by Lev
> Grossman has been forwarded to my office.
> http://www.time.com/time/archive/preview/0,10987,1009913,00.html
> I do believe that Mr. Grossman has
> grossly been mis- informed and for such a prestigious magazine such as
> yours, one would think this type of gross error would have been
> avoided.
> Amateur Radio has been a magnificent
> hobby since the early 1920's for electronic experimenters that work
> tirelessly in their home labs and stations to break barriers and bring
> new technologies to the consumer world, not to mention the many uses
> the amateur radio operator achieved from these advances.
> If Mr. Grossman would do his homework,
> he would have discovered that what he refers to the 'embarassing' hobby
> was the platform for many of the devices he relies upon today.  Amateur 
> radio was many of the early engineers college education.  Amateur radio 
> operators, turned professional electronic engineers
> brought the world, most of the early technologies that brought us the
> radio receiver, the technology of television, the VCR - audio and
> video, high powered transmitters for AM, FM radio and TV  stations, the
> complicated antenna systems used to transmit those signals, high
> powered audio amplifiers used in high fidelity and live concert stages
> and the list goes on. 
> It was Art Collins W0CXX that brought
> Single Sideband technology to radio communications that carry vital
> communications world wide - from Air Force One, to virtually every
> transmission made by our government embassies around the world and
> every major commercial airliner in the sky.  The late Arthur Godfrey, 
> General Curtis Lemay, NBC space correspondent Roy Neal,  Walter
> Kronkite,  several of our US senators, many entertainers such as Joe
> Walsh of the Eagles, Patti Lovelace, Dave Bell,  Hollywood movie
> Producer, Ronnie Milsap, baseball great Joe Rudi all the way to the
> late King Hussein, JY1  are just a 'few' of the many amateur operators
> that lives have been enriched AND, have enriched each and every person
> on the globe, including Mr. Grossman by Amateur Radio.
> NONE of this would have been
> accomplished as quickly and as economically if it were not for these
> early pioneers that spend countless late night hours in their home labs
> and stations.  
> Embarrassing?   You make the
> decision.   I think this opens the door for the decision makers at TIME
> Magazine to do a feature article on the high level of technical
> expertise the great hobby of amateur radio brings to the world and I
> have not even touched upon the amazing amount of volunteer work that
> the 'hams' of the world brings to disasters.  If it were NOT for ham
> radio operators volunteering their time and equipment in the heart of
> hurricanes, storms, disasters of all kinds many more lives would have
> been lost AND life line communications were established immediately in
> these areas....and this continues today.
> Does Mr. Grossman call saving and
> affecting thousands of lives embarrassing?  Obviously he does.  I think
> it is time for TIME Magazine to rethink his horrible and erroneous
> statement and bring the REAL truth along with an apology to it's
> readers and the several million amateur radio operators world wide. 
> I remain at your service to help you
> provide the truth about Amateur Radio.
> Best Regards,
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