[AMRadio] VFO for 20V-3

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Fri Jan 7 05:53:15 EST 2005

Hi Don,
I replyed to the question with the save advice before I saw your post. 
Seems to me I recall getting the same advice from you 20 years ago when 
I got my BC610 on the air.
You don't think we're getting old do you? ;-)
George KE4HJ

Donald Chester wrote:

>> I am nearing completion of my 20V-3 for 75M and was wondering what 
>> VFO's are available that easily interface with the 20V-3.
> The 1.5-3.0 mHz PTO unit from a T-195 or T-368 would work.  I use a 
> modified T-368 PTO/exciter unit as an all- band VFO unit.  With the 
> bare PTO, you will need to mechanically mount it in something and 
> provide a power supply.  Just be careful not to run the unit all way 
> to the end of the tuning range.  With any of the Collins-type PTO's, 
> if you run it all way to the end, far enough to feel mechanical 
> resistance at the shaft, you have already permanently damaged the 
> internal tuning mechanism.
> Don K4KYV
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