[AMRadio] (no subject)

Bob Gunther kg4ojz at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 7 11:45:13 EST 2005

I'm presently converting a Gates BC-1H (and later a BC-1T) transmitter to 
160, 75 and 40 meters.
Using a HP 3320B frequency synthesizer as a VFO and a home brew MOSFET 
driver fed into the
grids of the 807s. From there I'm modifying the 807 output tank with relays 
for 160-40.
The final output (two 833's) will be tuned with the stock roller inductor 
along with a vac. variable.
The synthesizer is accurate and drift free, I see alot of them on ebay for 
reasonable prices.
Bob KG4OJZ (ex K1SUI)
Transmitter Engineer

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