[AMRadio] Matching a 100 watt PA am to drive 833'S

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Fri Jan 7 14:48:49 EST 2005

Good points Geoff!

Yes I suppose I should give code another try, but I have tried in 
earnest several times and, well I have problems with languages 
and ciphers. Never been able to learn any computer language, and 
my Spanish is nonexistant Donde estas el banjo?. I pass the 
written stuff just fine. Basically I have given up on code, and 
will just wait it out, or, when the rigs are ready, I can get a 
buddy over who has a better license and I can 'air out' the rigs.

Really it's kind of silly, to me, to have to learn to use a 
digital code (Morse) in order to be allowed to use an analog 
computer (An AM transmitter).. :P


From: Geoff <w5omr at w5omr.shacknet.nu>
Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Matching a 100 watt PA am to drive 833'S

Patrick, with your collection of parts and transmitters, and 
knowlege of the same,it's a shame you're sitting there with a 
Technician class license.  You need to put those rigs on the air. 
  They're old enough.  The need to be HEARD! :-)

73 = Best Regards,

(descrete transistors are -not- evil.  Evilness lies in 

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