[AMRadio] server offline

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sat Jan 8 22:19:04 EST 2005

The usual server at is down due to a disk failure.

A temporary is online but the content is limited to only the 
1959, 1943, and 1949 Sylvania tube manuals.

We hope to have the transformer catalogs, other tube manuals, and 
related fun stuff back online as soon as the disk can be 
replaced, however, it is being considered to replace the single 
aging DEC Alphaserver 2000 with a VMS cluster.

We will continue to use the OpenVMS operating system, the best 
operating system in the world, which, other than for hardware 
maintenance, has allowed the Alphaserver to operate for the last 
four years unattended with no crashes, memory leaks, reboots, 
software babysitting, or incidences of hacking.

We apoligize for the incontinence.


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