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G. TAYLOR wb8bem at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 9 13:01:29 EST 2005

Good luck, and please let me know how you do on 40M.
I have tried a BC-1H but had trouble with strange resonances trying to get the tank on 40!
Finally gave up and went back to 75 and 160.
At least we have power back! Been out 7hr. short of 4 days. Missed Heavy Metal Night  *(?^&%$@. 
See you on AM
Gary WB8BEM/8
Gunther <kg4ojz at hotmail.com> wrote:
I'm presently converting a Gates BC-1H (and later a BC-1T) transmitter to 
160, 75 and 40 meters.
Using a HP 3320B frequency synthesizer as a VFO and a home brew MOSFET 
driver fed into the
grids of the 807s. From there I'm modifying the 807 output tank with relays 
for 160-40.
The final output (two 833's) will be tuned with the stock roller inductor 
along with a vac. variable.
The synthesizer is accurate and drift free, I see alot of them on ebay for 
reasonable prices.
Bob KG4OJZ (ex K1SUI)
Transmitter Engineer

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