[AMRadio] W3R

P Cour wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 9 18:13:41 EST 2005

Here is W3R at the Radio History Society Saturday
evening, with Bruce WR3Q making a transmission on 75
meters with a 1950 Collins 32V2.  Our receiver is a
military 1966 R-390A.

The broadcast transmitter, a 1951 Collins 300-G, is
shown being test-run into a dummy load at full power.
We had completed tuning up the oscillator and
amplifier stages a short while earlier. Rig works

The Heavy Metal Rally had been mentioned in two
newspapers, the museum's newsletter, a broadcast
engineering reflector, a local radio-TV blog, and in
emails to local ham clubs.

About 30 visitors stopped by during the museum's open
house to see and hear the "Heavy Metal" station, and
photographers showed up for three or four newspapers.
More details later. W3R is good on qrz.com for the
confirmation certificate.

Regards to all, Paul/VJB

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