[AMRadio] Ham Radio Question on the Clark Howard Show

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The one thing I would do is correct the fallacy that just because it was 
coming through the phone lines doesn't necessarily mean it is AM. DC 
rectification can take place on a slightly oxidized connection, making it a 
detector stage. Your phone does the rest. I used to get complaints when I 
would run AM, SSB (whatever a HW-101 would put out, maybe 100W PEP? ), and 
RTTY. I didn't believe it until I picked up the phone and heard the 'diddle' 
of my SSB rig running in RTTY. Don't assume it is an AM station however, I 
wouldn't put it pass a CB op running a 'footwarmer'.
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Hi Group,

   Last week during the evening I was listening to the Clark Howard Show. I
like Clark because he tries to find ways to keep people from getting ripped
off. Anyway, a man called in, and stated that he was being interfered with
by a ham radio operator who was coming through his telephone. The
conversation went back and forth, and seemed to paint the ham as the
problem, and they discussed ways of getting rid of him. No call letters were
mentioned, and it appeared that the man could understand the ham over the
telephone. This implies that the ham was running AM. Was he a ham or maybe a

    I signed up for Clark's message boards, and made a post under the
category, "Technology". The thread has been interesting, and two other hams
have jumped in to help.

I thought this group would be interested in this. Please let me know if my
posts are or are not on target. Don't hesitate to jump in. Maybe someone has
some good links for what ham radio is all about, and the FCC's stand on

Jim Candela

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