[AMRadio] W3R

Powell E. Way III, W4OPW powell at conterra.com
Sun Jan 9 22:06:19 EST 2005

On 9 Jan 2005 at 15:13, P Cour wrote:

> Here is W3R at the Radio History Society Saturday
> evening, with Bruce WR3Q making a transmission on 75
> meters with a 1950 Collins 32V2.  Our receiver is a
> military 1966 R-390A.

> The broadcast transmitter, a 1951 Collins 300-G, is
> shown being test-run into a dummy load at full power.
> We had completed tuning up the oscillator and
> amplifier stages a short while earlier. Rig works
> great!

And the Crown recorder [what model?] and the Gates Studioette, and a 
RCA BA-6?  

Powell W4OPW

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