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CHRIS PAPAIOANNOU amateur at ipnet.gr
Mon Jan 10 00:01:46 EST 2005

i believe that the best feeding point it's one of the corners of the bottom
flat stretch of wire.In this way there is an excellent vertical radiator
with low angles of radiation ideal for long distance contacts.And this
bottom flat stretch of wire hasn't to be extended very high from the ground.
I had once homemade a D loop for 20M and allthough conditions weren't good
no good propagation and noise due to this no good propagation was able to
contact K3ZO on 20s with a barefoot rig.N2NU also.There was no noise on the
rcvr due to the antenna and allthough the above mentioned stations do have
good antennas and listen o.k the loop was working o.k in order to help them
listen to you.
Chris SV1DAF.
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> Geoff wrote:
> >
> >
> > The question is, is it going to matter, in a delta loop antenna,
> > where it's fed?  I understand about changing the polarity from
> > vertical to Horizontal, if you feed a Delta say, in the corner of
> > the loop.  Would I be better off feeding the antenna in the
> > middle of the bottom flat stretch of wire, or continue with
> > feeding the antenna at the highest apex?
> >
> > I know experience is the best teacher, and more than likely the
> > answer will be "try both, and see which one works best for you"
> > and in all likelihood, that's probably what I'm going to do.  But
> > if someone already has been down that road and has come up with
> > some conclusive evidence as to why one way is better than the
> > other, I'm all ears.
> > Thanks for yours.
> >
> I have used a 40 meter right angle delta loop for several years now.
> The feed line is coax attached about 30 percent up from one of the lower
> apexes of the triangle.  This is supposed to be the optimum feed for
> vertical polarization.
> I have also feed it with open wire line at the center of the lower wire
> section and used it as an all band antenna with tuner.  I understand
> this setup favors horizontal polarization.
> The antenna works well in both configurations with the vertical setup
> being more effective when trying to work DX.  However, both
> configurations work better than the inverted vee that I used before I
> installed the loop.
> My suggestion would be to set it up so that it can be used in both
> configurations.  I would think that shorting across the feed lines at
> one or the other feed points would allow the loop to be used in either
> configuration.  However, I have not tried this and am not sure how the
> unused feedline would effect the antenna since it is still connected to
> the loop.
> Regards,
> Frank Kamp
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