[AMRadio] FS: VT-4C, Coax Adapters

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Jan 10 10:51:54 EST 2005

For Sale

6 used VT-4C (211) tubes. These all test strong (very
strong, like new) on my emission tester. All are G.E.
brand. No boxes. Probably stolen from helpless BC-375
and -191 transmitters. $50 each. All 6 for $250.

16 PL-259 to SO-239 coax right angles. $2 each or $25
for all. All are used, mostly silver-plated,
ex-military UG-6464/U. Mostly Amphenol. 

2 coax T adapters M-358. These have 2 SO-239 back-to
back with a PL-259 sticking out in the middle. $2 each

5 PL-259 to PL-259 male to male barrel conectors. 2
are brand new. 3 are beat up and used. $7/all

So-239 to SO-239 barrel adapters. New, silver-plated
Amphenol, still in packaging. $2.50 each. 5 available.

SO-239 to SO-239 barrel adapters. Used, silver-plated
Amphenol. Mostly look new. $2 each. 5 available.

Tee Adapters. These are new silver-plated Amphenol in
the packaging. The T is back-to-back SO-239s with a
PL-259 in the middle. $3 each. 4 available.

Bulkhead SO-239 socket. These are the kind that mount
with 4 screws around the edges of the socket. New,
silver-plated Amphenol, in the packaging. $1.50 each.
3 to sell.

PL-259 cable size "reducer" insert. This is the insert
that screws into a PL-259 so it can be used with
RG-58. There are 17 of these, new Amphenol, in the
packaging. $6/all

More PL-259 inserts. 11 of them in 2 packages. Not
Amphenol. Plated with nickel or some alloy. Brand new.

OFF TOPIC, don't look...

Samsung SIR-T150 HDTV receiver (set-top-box). This is
a 3 year old receiver that I purchased new in 2002 for
$373 (ouch!). I have always used it for off-the-air
HDTV reception. I have never used it with cable but it
would work fine in that role. Being older, this does
not have some of the fancy features of the latest
receivers. For instance, there is no Dolby Digital
sound, etc. Also, I have never used any of the
features it has like output for a computer monitor so
I know nothing about how those work. All I ever did
with this was plug in an antenna, connect component
video and stereo audio out to my TV and turn it on.
Working as-designed with original manual and remote
control. I may have the box here somewhere too. The
networks are finally getting serious about originating
much of their prime-time content in high-def. I
guarantee that once you see a football game in HD, you
will never go back. This is probably not a good
receiver for the afficionado. But it would be a good
way for someone to get their feet wet in HD. $50

Thanks for looking. 
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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