[AMRadio] AM Amps

Gary Blau gblau at w3am.com
Mon Jan 10 21:48:53 EST 2005

I partially disagree, but with a -big- proviso.

You'll have to find a way to reduce the Ranger output to the 10-15 watt
level.  Maybe the nicest way to do that is a variable screen voltage
control, similar to what you'll find here:
but I'm sure there are other methods.
Just don't run the stock Ranger straight into the amp without dealing
with this in some way.

Don't ask the 30L1 to do more than ~125 watts carrier.  The 811's can't
handle much dissipation.
Same is true for the SB200 and its pair of 572B's.  But they both will
work fine like this.  I ran an SB200 like this for a long time.  

Bigger amps with more plate dissipation, like the Henry or SB-220 are a
safer bet, but you must be very careful nonetheless.  


Chris wrote:
> Hi Dick
> The 30L1 would far too over stressed but the Henry would be perfect,  by
> the way thanks for buying my Ranger,  73 Chris
> > I just bought a Johnson Ranger and wonder if my 30L1 or Henry 2KD
> > would work okay. 811's in the 30L1 and a pair of 3-500's in the Henry.
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Dick/K5DIC

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