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Chris ck at ckradio.net
Tue Jan 11 00:15:38 EST 2005

I build a couple switchable pads that allow me to run the Ranger into 
the Thunderbolt or any other amp.   It's also variable.  Just a few 
resistors and a switch from an antenna switchbox.   I think the T-Bolt 
manual has the directions.
73 Chris VE3NGW  Fort Lauderdale Florida

Geoff wrote:

> Gary Blau wrote:
>> I partially disagree, but with a -big- proviso.
>> You'll have to find a way to reduce the Ranger output to the 10-15 watt
>> level.  Maybe the nicest way to do that is a variable screen voltage
>> control, similar to what you'll find here:
>> http://www.w3am.com/ranger.html
>> but I'm sure there are other methods.
> Reducing the B+ level on the plate of the 6146 is another way.
>> Just don't run the stock Ranger straight into the amp without dealing
>> with this in some way.
> A "T" connector, and a dummy load works well, also.
> Just tossing out some more ideas.
> 73
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