[AMRadio] AM Amps

Gary Blau gblau at w3am.com
Tue Jan 11 01:04:13 EST 2005

Not sure where the article is exactly pertinent to this.
If the exciter B+ is reduced, so is the max available exciter PEP.
If the B+ stays the same and the screen V is reduced the max available
exciter PEP is (roughly) the same, but the carrier power out (no mod)
goes down.

If your concern is running as much carrier power as possible while
staying within the (stupid) 1500W PEP limit then reduce your positive
modulation as much as you can tolerate while keeping the negative
modulation as consistently high as possible.  Won't sound very good, but
there it is.


Geoff wrote:
> ...I don't think that's what happens.
> http://w5omr.shacknet.nu/~wa5bxo/asyam/Amplitude%20Modulation.htm
> That's a great read.  Everyone -should- read that.

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