[AMRadio] AM Amps

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Tue Jan 11 06:45:21 EST 2005

This aint rocket science at my shack.

I have a pair of trusty old 813's in grounded grid with 3200 Volts on the 
plates. I drive them with my Ranger all the time with no problems at all.

I always tune the ranger up to full power into a either a dummy, or my 
dipole. THEN switch the 813's into the line and then quickly dip the ranger. 
It usually will dip back to about 80'mils.  I leave it right there and get 
legal power out of the 813's.

If I want to bring the Ranger back up to full power, I can and it will drive 
those 813's to 600 watts and sounds great.

I have been using this combination for 6 years and many of you have heard me 
on it. 

If I DO bring the ranger back up to 120 mils, I have to be careful of the 
audio drive, as it will tend to start to distort if the gain is up to high. 
But if I leave the Ranger at 80 mils, it works fine and I work coast to coast!

Gotta love those old 813's!


de W5SUM

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