[AMRadio] FS: Tubes--6AS7, 8233, 6227, 7119, 0G3, 6939, 8595, 6922,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed Jan 12 10:00:20 EST 2005

Tubes For Sale. Price are approximate. Make an offer for a quantity.

6AS7GA, two of these, used RCA, no box, look good: $4/both

8233 aka E55L aka E288CC, five of these NOSB Siemens brand. This is a fancy duotriode on a 9 pin medium base. $8 each

6227 aka E80L, nine of these NOSB Amperex brand. This is a 9 pin miniature power pentode rated at 8 watts. 6.3V 750ma heater, rated for 10,000 hour life. $10 each

7119 aka E182CC, five of these NOSB Amperex brand. Another duotriode rated at 4.5 watts. 12.6 400ma heater. $10 each

0G3 aka 85A2, 8 of these NOSB Amperex brand. This is an 85 volt voltage regulator tube for 1-10ma. $5 each

6939 aka QQV02-6, four of these, 3 NOSB Amperex and one NOSB RCA. Transmitting tube. This is a miniature VHF frame grid dual tetrode rated at 6 watts up to 500 mhz. $5 each

8595, one of these, military boxed. This is a ruggedized 6939. $5

6922 aka E88CC. One of these. This is a premium version of the 6DJ8 audiophile tube. The box is marked Amperex. The tube is stamped Sylvania. But it has gold pins so I surmise that it was made by Amperex for Sylvania. New, unused. $5

5842, one of these, Raytheon brand in a military box, New. This tube is used in the Nems Clarke 1302 receiver and probably others. $5

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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