[AMRadio] Asymmetrical Audio Article Credits

CHRIS PAPAIOANNOU amateur at ipnet.gr
Wed Jan 12 12:25:04 EST 2005

Geoff i'm saying below"to all them who are listed  headline on the article"!
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> > The article it's in my hands Geoff,
> > seems very interesting by the first look.But didn't read it with care!
> > Thanks anyway for your contribution on the mode with the article.To all
> > who are listed headline on the article!
> > Chris SV1DAF.
> I didn't write/author it, Chris.  Credit that to John/WA5BXO,
> Don/K4KYV, Tim/W5TOB and input from Bob(Bacon)/WA3WDR.  I copied
> the article from John's location at www.qsl.net due to the
> outages there.  Not to mention that when www.qsl.net -is- up, the
> noted slowness of the server.  Al/K3TKJ does a great job at
> maintaining the server out of his own pocket, but it's at it's
> limits.
> I only *wish* I had the resources to become another mirror for
> Bama, the on-line manual site.
> Here's a good hint too, gang... If you do a Google search for
> "Bama Mirror" you'll find you'll have -much better luck- in
> getting in there, than you would the actual Bama site.
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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