[AMRadio] Clarity achieved

P Cour wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 21:06:45 EST 2005

Someone has kindly fax'd me the information from the
Feb. issue (that I don't yet have).

The petition, 10740, that was rejected by the FCC is
one filed by hams upset about an activity loosely
referred to as "enhanced SSB," and the unusual amount
of bandwidth it consumes.

To recapitulate, petitioners sought regulatory relief
from interference they claim was deliberate, and from
signals they portray as dirty.  Part of the petition's
strategy proposed a bandwidth limitation.

AM got included in their petition out of concern such
a rulemaking should be seen as "fair," but the
document acknowledges there were no known problems
with people who operate AM.

The FCC rejected the petition, in effect affirming
existing rules requiring purity of signal and against
deliberate interference. Both are violations that are
immediately actionable by the Enforcement Division.

The agency's decision, portraying such a constraint as
unnecessary, may dim the prospects for the ARRL's
threatened bandwidth petition, the details of which
have been posted. 

Several independent ad hoc committees reviewing the
scheme have established some formidable problems
dooming the proposal as written. 

The group in Newington has so far declined to publish
any details of the comments it solicited, and has not
offered even a simple tally of those opposed and in

Before learning "which" bandwidth proposal had been
scuttled, I had hoped the volunteeer administrators
and paid staff of the ARRL had withdrawn their
threatened petition.

That may still happen.


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