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gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Sat Jan 15 07:01:22 EST 2005

Hi Listers,
This post set me to thinking about a "little" project I have that I 
don't plan to do anything with. Just not enough free time.
So for those of you on the list that might be interested, here's the 

Back in the early eighties I did a swap deal and ended up with this 
transmitter. It is basically the same transmitter mentioned below.
Some ham in the Orlando, Fla area built the thing in the '60's. I don't 
recall his name but he worked for an electronics firm and had access to 
all sorts of equipment for building this amp. I still have everything 
that came with it. And I'm sure that someone with lots of time could 
resurrect it to it's past glory. It's one large "hunker", in a 7ft rack. 
And I believe most everything needed to make it play is still there. 
This thing was designed to do 80m through 10m SSB service. But of 
course, I'm sure you could convert it to AM duty.
That was my plan when I acquired it. Just never had the time to do it.
If you have an interest in this beast contact me off list and I can 
supply a lot more details and pictures too. Keep in mind, it's HEAVY and 
would require a trip to Cent. Fla to pick it up. I'm open to any 
reasonable offer for it.
George KE4HJ

James M. Walker wrote:

>Well sports fans,
>I am at home now and have the Radio Handbook info if you are still
>trying to figure out what the rig actually looks like. Also if you have
>the handbook it is the Fourteenth Edition dated 1956. The page number is
>580, and the article is titled "A 4-1000A Pi-Network Amplifier. The
>paragraph goes as follows:
>The amplifier illustrated in figures 45 through 49 is of g r e a t
>interest to amateurs, although the power rating of 3.5 kilowatts is in
>excess of the maximum level permitted by the federal Communications
>Commission. Custom built for commercial applications in the 3.5 Mc. to
>to 25 Mc. range, this unit exhibits many interesting features that may
>well be applied to amplifiers of more modest rating.
>So, I built one heavier than the book, but with most of the same ratings
>for power levels and power supply requirements. The HV supply is
>from 0 -4200 VDC at 1.5 amps, controlled with a 0 - 140 VAC 40 Amp
>The RF section sports a 500 uuF vacuum variable along with a 1500 uuF
>ratings at 10 KV and 30 KV respectively.
>A very nice little test fixture, to say the least. 
>Now back to your regularly scheduled program!
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