[AMRadio] FS: Mics, Headsets, Coax Adapters, L-10A Loop Antenna,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jan 18 09:37:52 EST 2005

For Sale: Microphones, Headphones  and Miscellaneous.
Everything As-Is.

Turner Heathkit mic. Beige plastic. This is the
original mic that went with the Heathkit lunchbox
Sixer, Twoer, etc. This one was cracked and has been
glued. It also has a spot on it where I assume that it
got too close to a hot soldering iron. With cloth cord
and correct connector. $3

Three Stromberg Carlson telephone-style handsets with
PTT button in the handle. I am not sure whether these
are ex-military or ex-2-way radio or what. I am
guessing that they are ex-military because one has a
military style Amphenol 6-pin connector on it (with
the matching socket) and because one has a
military-type stamp on it that I can't quite make out.
I think the stamp says "TMN6006B". These are all in
good or fair cndition with a couple chips here and
there. They all have coiled cords on them with aged
rubber.  $18/all 3

Olson M-102 microphone. Japanese cloe of famous
RCA-made Dave Letterman style mic with yoke. Has chip
in plastic and some pitting on finish. Small denty on
one side of screen. One yoke thumbnut is gone and has
been replaced with a regular bolt. $9

Shure microphone. This is a 6 inch high tapering brown
bakelite cylinder that comes to a rounded top. It kind
of looks like an old shoe. It has a threaded metal
insert for s atnd on the bottom and the tag mentioned
some patents for "Brush". So I assume tis is from some
tape or wire recorder. With cord and connector. In
good condition. $6

Military WWII T-17 hand mic. This is olive drab green
plastic with a 1944 contract date. With original cord
and connector. But someone has drilled larger holes in
the outhpiece. $15

Military WWII T-17 hand mic. Metal body. Made under
1942 contract by Western Electric. With original cord
and connector. Unfortunately the cord is crumbling.

Military WWII T-17 hand mic. Metal body. Made under
1942 contract but manufacturer is not shown. With
original cord and connector. Has 2 unoriginal holes
around edge of mouthpiece. $20

Military WWII T-17 hand mic. Black plastic body. Made
under 1944 contract by Shure Brothers. With original
cord but connector is missing. $20

Military WWII T-17 hand mic. Metal body. Made under
1942 contract but manufacturer is unknown. With
original cord and connector. Unfortunately the
connector outside plastic body is gone. It must have
broken and fallen off. $20

Military hand mic made by Femco. Odd shape, all black
bakelite, with hook for hanging and PTT button at top
and coiled cord coming out the bottom. No connector.
No other markings. $9

Astatic model 200 mic. This is a nice-looking,
gold-painted metal body mic where the hanel and
element housing are molding together. It was deigned
to be used either handheld or mounted in a rounded
base with ahalf-twist motion (but I do not have the
base). With cord and button type mic connector. I
think this is a dyanmic mic. $14

Military WWII-era ANB-H-1 headphones with crumbling
leather headband and MX-47/AR rubber ear cushions. I
don't think the cord is right. One earpiece is not
connected. $6

Canonball Empire headphones with spring metal headband
with cloth cord and pin jacks. Surface ust on headband
and one repair on cord. They look good though. $9

Murdock No. 56 headphones with cloth headband and
cloth cord. Cord has pin jacks but has one of those
pin-jack to-1/4 inch adapters on it. Cord is taped
where it goes into earpieces. Not bad shape for 80
years old. $16

No brand headphones look like code ractice type. Vinyl
covered headband, black plastic earpieces, cloth cord
and ¼ inch phone plug. Surface rust on headband. $5

Tower scientific "Navy Type' Headphones with cloth
headband and cloth cord with pin jacks. Cord is taped
where it enters one earpiece. But these look very good
in all respects. $12

Trimm ACME single earpiece headset with spring metal
band, cloth cord and Trimm 1/4 inch phone plug.
Earpiece is black plastic. Probably another code
practice headset. In excellent condition. $5 

Brandes Superior Headphones with cloth headband and
cloth cord with pin jacks. The metal yoke that holds
on earpiece has broken. The cloth on the headband is
fraying. The earpieces have some hardened scum on them
that might have been rubber cuhions at one time. The
cloth cord has lots of problems. $4

Brandes Superior Matched Tone Headphones with cloth
headband and cloth cord with pin jacks. These are the
ones with the fancy engraving on the back of the
earpieces.  The cloth on the headband is coming off in
one spot. The cloth cord has slight fraying in several
spots. Still, these were top-of-the-line in their day.

Unknown single plastic earpiece with chip out of it.
Cloth cord with pin jacks. $2

Nathaniel Baldwin Type C headphones. With cloth
headband and cloth cord. Pin jacks. Cord has been
taped in several spots. Otherwise nice. These are among 
the best of the 1920's headphones in my opinion. $16

Jim Thompson, W4THU, FAQs About Antenna Systems and
Baluns, 1999. Large format paperback published by the
owner of Radio Works. There is a lot of good general
discussion here and some antenna modeling used for
comparison purposes. There is also a lot of talk about
the Radio Works antennas including the Carolina Windom
and the Super Loop. Some practical advice here, but
poorly organized and far from comprehensive. $8

Abbott TR-4 brochure photocopies. With schematic. $1
each. 4 to sell.

Multi-Elmac PMR-6A Receiver manual photocopy with
fold-out schematic. $7

Multi-Elmac M-1071 Power Supply Kit Assembly
Instructions with pictorial. Original. $7

Multi-Elmac PMR-8 receiver original manual. Prefer
trade for Multi-Elmac AF-67 original manual. Otherwise

Shure 55-Series Microphones original Data Sheet, dated
1942. $2

Don Stoner's New Sideband Handbook, CQ, 1958. Lots of
wear. $3

Sencore Tube Set-Up Book for the TC-162 Mighty Mite
VII & TC-28 Htbrider Tube & Transistor Tester. 1964?

HP 200CD Audio Oscillator original manual. 1960 with
1961 revisions sheet. $3

Tecraft CC5-50 VHF Converter. Has an extra, unoriginal
transformer mounted on top and one or two unoriginal
holes. With tubes. Restorable. $11

Micronta 21-522 3-Range Power/Modulation/SWR Tester. 3
meter case with attached inline coupler. 5-500 watts.
Headphone jack for monitoring. Probably designed for
CB use. $12

ARC (Aircraft Radio Corporation) L-10A loop antenna with Control Unit C-18 (mechanical control box for rotation) and 7 foot long MC-215 spline cable. This is a 9 inch diameter loop that was designed to be used with the post-war VLF and BCB command receivers. It is not the correct loop for the WWII command sets (I don't think any such loop was ever made during the war) but it will work fine with them. Excellent original condition. $150

Fourteen SO-239 to PL-259 right angle adapters. Mostly Amphenol or military. Mostly used, but a couple of these look new. $2 each or $25 for all 14.

SO-239 Tee adapters. These have 2 SO-239 sockets back-to-back with a PL-259 male plug sticking out in the middle. $2 each. Two to sell.

Earphone cushions (a pair). I believe these are the military MX-47/AR cushions for the ANB-h-1 and R-14 earpieces. But they are not marked. Rubber in good, useable condition. $5/pair

Military WWII-era audio cable-6 feet long. This has the stubby PL-354 short ¼ inch plug at one end and spade lugs at the other end. Rubber seems ok but may have age problems. $2

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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