[AMRadio] ARRL's Threatened Bandwidth Petition

P Cour wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 09:41:47 EST 2005

Hi Don, 

Pete/CWA has helpfully replied to the reflector that
the ARRL's problematic bandwidth proposal shall come
up for discussion this weekend at a meeting of their
group's administrators.

Yes, it is easy for us, out here, to put together the
two proposals, one a formal petition filed
independently of the ARRL and now rejected by the FCC,
and the other a draft proposal from the non-profit
group in Newington.  Both rely on bandwidth as part of
their schemes to constrain activity beyond the current

The FCC's rejection of such a scheme bodes poorly for
the League's version, perhaps especially since it is
far more encompassing than the 160-meter scheme the
individuals were denied approval for.

It remains disappointing that the Newington folks have
utterly failed to foster a dialog in the time leading
up to the draft, and now from the comments it
elicited. A real one-way street, IMHO.  

As evidence,  my own director, Bernie Fuller, outright
refused to discuss his views on the League's scheme.
The volunteer president of the ARRL, Jim Haynie, has
used detours and non-answers to thoughtful,
responsible questions asked by scores of people
participating in a half-dozen ad hoc committees that
have reviewed the published draft version of the
ARRL's threatened proposal.

There has been no readout from the FCC on what's known
publicly about Newington's draft plan., including any
agency reaction to the public and overwhelmingly
negative response to it filed in identifyable postings
to forums like this.

Here's hoping this weekend convinces the Newington
group for the future that they must seek interaction,
not issue unilateral proposals, and also that this
proposal needs a stake driven through its heart,


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