[AMRadio] Physical Reality of Sidebands

John Coleman, ARS WA5BXO wa5bxo at pctechref.com
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Hi again Larry.
	Yes, all this brings back old memories.  I quit the TV repair
business back in 1986 (I Think).  Anyway started doing PC work and now I
wish I could sometimes just run away and play with my toes in sand. HIHI

CUL, 73
John, WA5BXO

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Hi John,

Yep I agree on all this.  Actually I and Q as I remember was a Hazelteen
patent that RCA had to buy.  the R-Y B-Y detector was developed by RCA
later to 
avoid the license fees from Hazelteen.

Growing up into color TV near RCA's plants and Sarnoff was ben a bif
help to me on 
early undestanding (college years0 of how color worked.

I actually worked with RCA Sarnoff while DE at NJ Network on their first
HDTV analog 
system which used yet another subcarrier in the imaginary plane at about
3 mhz to 
add the side panels for the wide screen.

Amazing math tricks are used in all this.

Kepp up the good work.


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