[AMRadio] Stealth Antennas?

WA9VRH Larry wa9vrh at mtco.com
Tue Jan 25 07:47:05 EST 2005

HI Bob, Jim and all,

Do you have an el-cheapo all band portable you know the AM-FM-SW that you
can walk around the hood with?  It
might help locate the offending house or houses.  Then it could be anything
from light dimmers to heated mattress pads.
I know about the heated mattress pads my wife has one on her side of the
bed. That *$%@# sounds like a spark gap
gone wild. The good news is it is so bad it screws up the TV so she usually
remembers to unplug it when she gets up in the morning.
Turning it off doesn't help the power supply stays on.

So being in the country doesn't cure all plus there is the occasional
offending electric fence.  Usually one can track those down
and find the grounding weeds. But believe me it is better having your
neighbors 500' and more away.
Good luck on the hunt please share your finds with us.
73 Larry WA9VRH

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> Bob,
>     I recently moved from Austin to Round Rock Texas, and live in a home.
> The property is larger, and there are lots of big trees to hang wires off.
> That is the good news. The bad news is that the area is filled with
> noise sources, and like you the 80m "AM window" is filled with some nasty
> "buzz saw" that is nearly full scale and is relentless 24/7. I see the
> to start hunting down the noise sources.
> This is where I am unsure of the best PR method as a ham to approach
> neighbors. Do I carry a RF sniffer of some sort, and knock on doors
> "Hi I am the ham next store, and I am setting up a ham station. My
> is picking up noise that appears to be coming from your house. Can I come
> and look room to room, and try to find the problem?" "Oh by the way, once
> start transmitting, all these FCC part 15 certified devices you have will
> more than likely inadvertently pick up my radio transmissions, and this
> be bothersome to you. This will be your problem, not mine. If you have a
> problem, I can advise you on possible solutions; otherwise here is the FCC
> phone number, and URL for their web page based interference information."
> So how far does one get with this before the door is slammed, and you have
> life-long enemy? What approach do others take?
> I envy those who live in the country, and sympathize with those in your
> my situation.
> Good luck Bob!
> Regards,
> Jim

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