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John Coleman wa5bxo at pctechref.com
Tue Jan 25 10:53:12 EST 2005

My friend Dennis sent this to me and I thought I would forward it to the AM
group here.  Some of you may have already seen this stuff but may some have

John, WA5BXO

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JIM HAWKINS' WLW Transmitter Page  (http://hawkins.pair.com/wlw.shtml )

JIM HAWKINS' WLW. Transmitter Page. ... 70 year old Western Electric 7A
is used by WLW between 10:45 and 12:15 1/1/00 to celebrate Y2K. ... 
http://hawkins.pair.com/wlw.shtml - 53k

(http://hawkins.pair.com/wlw500schematic.shtml ) 
WLW 500KW Transmitter Schematic. (Jim Hawkins' WLW Transmitter Page).
Accessed times
since August 21, 1999. ... Back to Jim Hawkins' WLW Transmitter Page. 
hawkins.pair.com/wlw500schematic.shtml - 3k  

History of WLW, Cincinnati (http://members.aol.com/jeff1070/wlw.html )
History of WLW, Cincinnati. The Nation's Station. By JOHN PRICE, (c) 1979
... Stay Refused, WLW Returns to 50 kW. Last-Minute Plea for Order Is Denied
By Court. ... http://members.aol.com/jeff1070/wlw.html  - 58k 

WLW. 700 kHz. 500 kW. 100% modulation. ... Radio will survive. WLW Links, My
WLW Photo Gallery; Official Newsradio 700 WLW page; Dick Reiman's WLW
History; ... www.ominous-valve.com/wlw.html  - 26k

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