[AMRadio] Virgin ARC-5s!

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Wed Jan 26 17:27:39 EST 2005


    I have two BC-458's with the central electronics
kit to adapt them to a VF for the CE 20A. These are
both pretty ugly, and far from stock. That said, they
are still ARC-5's to some extent, and I get a quiver
of excitement every time I turn the knob on one of
those old things. Boy am I sick or what? :-)

--- Bob Jacklin <McClain at Man.com> wrote:

> There seam to be a lot of VIRGIN ARC-5 items showing
> up on Eba recently.
> Since these are really not good units for today's
> ham operations it seems a
> shame to butcher them. These items are over 60 years
> old.
> Bob Jacklin
> K5MY/7
> Seattle, WA.
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