[AMRadio] SX-28 needs a good home.

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Wed Jan 26 20:13:07 EST 2005


I have a SX-28 that is 90% restored that needs a good home. I have niether 
the time nor the inclination to finish this project at this time. Most caps 
have been replaced in this radio. I have NOT done the caps in the RF 
compartment due to vision problems and laziness, and thus, have not done the 
alignment yet. It works very well on all except the two upper bands where it 
is pretty weak. AVC works fine, bfo works fine, audio sounds great. S-meter 
is working but not well.

I have had the cabinet for the radio AND the matchng speaker repainted, 
powder coated wrinkle black and it looks good. The front panel has been 
stripped, painted, and relettered and it looks great too.  I have a lot tied 
up in this radio with the painting and etc, plus initial investment.

I will let this Radio and the matching speaker go to a new home for $500. 

I will deliver it to the Jackson, MS Hamfest on the 5th, or YOU can pay for 
shipping. I have plenty of packing materials, have packed and shipped LOTS of 
boatanchors by the double box system and have not had one arrive busted yet.

If the price seems high consider what they go for typically now, and then 
think about the $160 in painting, the time it takes to reletter the panel ( 
which is a bitch in my opinion) and etc. You will not have to do any of this. 
YOU WILL have to change those hard to get to caps in the RF compartment 
before you can do the alignment. I'm quite sure the Smeter will come to life 
as well as the upper bands, once an alignment is done.

I can be reached days at 318-688-1389 in the evenings, or via email, and 
pictures can be made available.

de W5SUM  Ronnie

"This country may have stumbled but it aint ever fell, if the Russians 
don't believe us they can all go straight to hell"   Charlie Daniels

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