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Rich Fuller n0mn_k0bjf at msn.com
Thu Jan 27 14:22:10 EST 2005

Hello everyone, Rich (N0MN/5) here, I've been bitten by the AM and nostalgia bugs and will need help (NOT a cure, though, hi).  My dad got his Tech license back in '59 or '60 (I was in junior high) and he put together a 6M AM station using a Hammarlund HQ-129X (although I just can't remember how he received on 6M) and a home brew transmitter.  He passed away in '92 but some of the fondest memories I have are he and I out in his converted chicken coop hamshack tuning around on the old HQ.  Even with a 4el 6M beam we could pick up foreign broadcast stations and hams on the lower bands.  Oh, the audio that the Hammarlund had!!  I had been looking for an HQ-129X for years at hamfests and in ads and even in last few years on ebay but was never successful until recently.  I picked up one on ebay from a very nice gentleman up in Washington state that gave me the history behind the radio.  It will require a few parts replaced which I have already started on but I think it will work just fine.  I also found a near mint Gonset GSB-100 transmitter that I don't think I will have to do anything to.  I say all that to ask a question:  It will be a while before I get the AM station all set up and I've been listening to some of the AMers on 75M and I have picked up that there is a wealth of experience and knowledge out there and I have AM capability on a more 'modern' rig (IC-756), is there any unwritten rule about jumping in on a radio that doesn't 'glow'??  As I get more into the restoration project I would like to ask for advice but certainly want to comply with protocol.
Thanks guys,
Rich Fuller NØMN
Pineville, LA

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